Sponsorship Secrets E-Book

This comprehensive E-book will equip readers with everything that they need to know in order to land their next big sponsorship deal. 

In addition to tips and tricks along the way, the following headlines are discussed in detail:

- What is Sponsorship?
- The Business Relationship
- Deliverables
- Exposure / Influence
- Creating a Brand / Asset
- Results - Do you need them?
- The Proposal
- Contracts
- Thanks, but no thanks
- Summary

In just days, readers will be in a position to approach the brands they've always dreamt about working with, equipped with the skills to negotiate a positive outcome for both parties.

"A must read for any athlete that is wishing to step up to the next level" - @jackcyclesfar

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1 Hour Skype Appointment

Planning an adventure and need some guidance around what you need to pack? Need to build on your fitness so that you can tackle that next challenge? After new sponsors but not quite sure how to go about it? You’re fit as a fiddle but not sure how to fuel properly on your next big ride?

I am your one stop resource and as a professional ultra-endurance athlete, know the answers to all of these questions based on my years of experience. Book in a time to chat through your specifics with me directly via skype.

When you have made your booking, I will be in touch with you about organising a time that suits your schedule.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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